2016 GAE-RA

Dear GCAE Members:

Well, the GA/RA has come and gone, but… “Oh what an experience it was!”  A dynamite guest speaker Mr. Earl Wiman of Tennessee, NEA Executive Committee – kicked the session off and ignited the room; then,  we engaged in empowering  legislative presentation by Senator Tippins, who strongly favors Education and helped pass SB 364 that fought for your profession,  as it provided that Georgia Teachers would have a fair evaluation process (TKES) .   We went on to review the policy making procedure, and we embraced our own a race to the top experience, regarding our Elections for Georgia’s Executive Board’s Leadership.  And through it all, our presence was even more empowered by the fact that our voices were being heard, loud and clear. And that was just the first day.

A host of Caucuses were held that provided us a place where our ideas and passions could become action plans.  We found ourselves constantly poised and motivated by the “information” stances, the “for” stances and the “against” stances at the Mic and all the “Yea and Nay” stances, along with the infamous – “can we close debate” stances.  And yes, it is likely most of us were consumed with the analysis of the GAE operating budget and the processes to confirm it.

The organizational comraderie was SPECIAL, as it allowed us to meet new faces from around the State, revisit some old relationships and share some organizational concerns.  The GA/RA was nothing less than a “learning opportunity” for all who attended.

And closer to home, this reporter is happy to announce that GCAE is proud and excited about the accomplishments of our very own Co-President – Jeanette Kimber. Per GAE President, Dr. Sid Chapman, Ms. Kimber stands to be elected as one of the outstanding ESPs to soon be honored at the White House. Ms. Kimber, who is Georgia’s ESP of the year – 2015, was also chosen as a Candidate for the NEA ESP of the Year – 2016.  And to top it all off, she was elected, at the GA/RA,   to the GAE Executive Board for ESP @Large Director. Wow that’s a mouth full! GCAE is getting things done and getting the visibility as well. Congrats to Ms. Kimber, keep up the good work!

Next year, GCAE will work even harder to get more members involved, as this is a perfect way for our membership to better understand what decisions are being made (operating and financial)  and why.  One of the best things from this event is that “communication is vital” in the sense of organizational development. We must ensure that members understand their value to the school system, to their profession and even more importantly… to themselves. We are all important no matter if we are certified or classified – we are family!

Yes, the GA/RA 2016 is part of history now, but the floor work has just been laid and is just beginning. For our membership, this is a perfect time to determine where you fit in (as we all fit in somewhere in the organization). And it is time to take off running with a new found commitment!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.. WE ARE FAMILY AND WE WILL WALK WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! This is our house (GCAE/GAE), let’s run it like it is!



From your roving reporter at the GA/RA : 4/15/16 – 4/17/16